What’s This Called?: 27 October 2007: Eric Ostrowski, LIVE!

ericWhat’s This Called?: 27 October 2007: Eric Ostrowski, LIVE!
(Originally broadcast on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2007/10/27/27-october-2007-eric-ostrowski-live

Eric Ostrowski live in the KPSU studio (pending traffic and parking…)


Song of Shadows Walter De La Mare The Spoken Word
Lost in Violence Golden Death Music Ephemera Blues
Face of Evil Chuck Swaim with the Dead Air Fresheners Live at Bob’s Java Jive
Live Eric Ostrowski on What’s This Called?
Panic Disorder and Agorophobia Big Tom the Lithuanian Infamous Polywogs Vol. 1?
Psychosomatic Bela Karoli Furnished Rooms
Live Eric Ostrowski on What’s This Called?

What’s This Called?: 20 October 2007

What’s This Called?: 20 October 2007
(Originally broadcast on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2007/10/20/whats-this-called-20-october-2007


Didn’t Really Die Jandek White Box Requiem
Raining Tears of Blood Chris & Cosey The Elephant Table
Spectral (Version 3) Andrew Liles Black Pool
And I Name Myself Hag Jarboe The Unaccompanied Voice
Cyclopsycho Cyclopsycho Cyclopsycho
Ghost Bitch (live) Sonic Youth Walls Have Ears
The 9oClock Train to Oblivion Edward Ka-Spel Dream Logick Part One
Please Mr. Grave Digger David Bowie David Bowie
S is for Sleep Coil The Elephant Table
Phantom Geography Eric Ostrowski Magnificent Forest
Midnight Moonbeams Strings of Consciousness Our Moon is Full
Corpse Pose Unwound Repetition