What’s This Called?: 26 December 2009

What’s This Called?: 26 December 2009

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2009/12/26/whats-this-called-26-december-2009

Fuck Christmas. Fuck New Year Countdowns. Themes are for the weak. Lets Rock!


You Get What You Deserve Big Star Radio City
Rise Above Black Flag Damaged
I Don’t Want to Push It Sonic Youth Sonic Youth
Pastorala Seven That Spells Mom
Another Song, Another Satan Red Krayola Hazel
Earthquake 13th Floor Elevators Easter Everywhere
Meadow Meal Faust Faust
Boundary Water Paintings for Animals Sleep’s Keeper Ov Thee Sea
Slip Autechre Amber
If It’s in You Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs
The Hot Breath on Your Neck The Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations

A Grumpy Punk Christmas w/ DJ Swill

Smile For The Camera

Smile For The Camera

A Grumpy Punk Christmas w/ DJ Swill
(Originally broadcast on 10 December 2009 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2015/12/08/a-grumpy-punk-christmas-w-dj-swill

Join DJ Swill and I for an hour-long, Grumpy Punk exploration of Christmas Music for people who don’t like Christmas Music.  We tag team through a number of X-Mas oddities, and talk about our interests as music fans, in this very special Grumpy Punk broadcast.

Aside from Halloween, there are very few holidays that we here at Blasphuphmus Radio celebrate.  However, it is difficult to ignore the holiday season when the rest of the world is taken in its grip for the majority of the winter months.  Sooner or later, the influence of these holidays reaches even us.  Fortunately, DJ Swill and I are on the same page, and we decide to celebrate Christmas the Grumpy Way.

Below you will find a short video, shot by Wendy, of us in action, so you can get a visual of what this is all about.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music.  Enjoy!


Ghosts Of Christmas Past

The Ghosts of Christmas Past!

The Ghosts of Christmas Past!

Ghosts Of Christmas Past
(Featuring selections from previous broadcasts on 12/23/98, 12/14/04, 12/13/06, and 12/20/06.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2009/12/05/ghosts-of-christmas-past

In the 13 years we’ve been on the air, try as we might, a handful of holiday programs have made it into our archives that offer holiday themes and content to our fair listeners.  Given that the holiday season is upon us, is seemed only fitting to go through the vaults and dig out these rare gems.

For today’s show, I decided to delve into the archives again and pull out some selections from my favorite Holiday shows of the past. I’m not a big Christmas person (for the most part), and when I do get into Seasonal Music, it’s generally not what you would hear in the Mall. So consider this a snapshot of what I like to bump this time of year.

If nothing else, you should really listen to my rendition of The Cremation Of Sam McGee from 2006, near the end of the show.

Next week: tune in for the return of The Grumpy Punk, with a special co-host, who will be helping me pick the tunes for that hour. Should be pretty epic.

See ya in seven.


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