Closet Radio Episode 061: Reconfigured Forever After


10346461_10152476700222931_7879744347628708098_nCloset Radio Episode 061: Reconfigured Forever After


Playlist & Footnotes:

With the impending new year knocking on our doors post-apocalypse and our beloved station taking a holiday break until 2013, Closet Radio brings you a very special ClosetCast free of FCC ties that bind our normally scheduled programming featuring a few friends stopping in for the adventure!

This episode is a smidge over the usual 2 hours and finds us in the company of Miss Suzie Falk once again and also by our newest convert, Mr. Tunacan Jones. We get down and dirty on various pressing topics such as Kids In The Hall, Eraserhead, Pretty in Pink, a few favorite fellow artists, the joys of collecting, and so much more! We’ll also take you on a sound clip adventure, throw in some hand-picked tunes and round out the whole deal with a solid dose of obscenity. Why? Because we can.

So zone in, tune out, have the usual listener discretion that is nearly always advised and enjoy the mad rambles of coffee fueled late nights for grown ups!

Don’t forget to tune into KPSU on Saturday, January 5 when we return to the FM dial in our spankin’ NEW TIME SLOT from 6-8pm! Expect all of the usual hi-jinks and audio delights that you have come to love us for as well as a few new tricks hiding up our sleeves! We do hope you’ll come along for ride!


“Welcome Back” – John Sebastian
“Fuck The World (I’m Hanging Out With You Tonight)” – The Unlovables
“Clock Is Ticking” – Cathead
“We Didn’t Come Here To Rock” – Andrew Jackson Jihad
“”Brides of Neptune” – Cracker
“Essential Truth” – Jim White
“Wrong All Along” – Cheap Trick
“Floods New Light” – Thee Oh Sees
“Slow Nerve Action” – The Flaming Lips
“Blue As I Can Be” – Mr. Airplane Man
“London Stories: Churchill and the Second World War” – Groucho Marx
“Go Haunt Someone Else” – Kevin Devine
“Here’s Where The Story Ends” – The Sundays
“In Heaven” – Peter Ivers & David Lynch
“Eraserhead” – Bruce McCulloch
“The Jeep Song” – Dresden Dolls
“The Oldness” – Xiu Xiu
“Get It On” – Grinderman


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