The Way-Back Machine!

The Way-Back Machine

The Way-Back Machine

The Way-Back Machine!
(Featuring  The Grumpy Punk Part VIII, and Vinyl Solution Part VI; presenting Garage Blues gems from the psychedelic side of things.  Originally broadcast on 5 November 2011 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

As the resident Grumpy Punk of this show, I find it important to hold fast to strongly held opinions about music without considering them too quickly or rationally.  And in doing my research for the History Lesson shows, I felt that it was really important to reiterate how important the ’60’s were in terms of setting up the musical milieu that made punk rock possible.  One of the many and varied ingredients was undoubtedly the Blues Rock movement that influenced everyone from The Animals, The Blues Project, The Blues Magoos, and a number of other groups that all moved in that direction.

As I hoped to illustrate in this hour, the bands that adopted this genre recorded loud, anarchic stompers that shook the walls, the audience, and listeners at home.  While I can’t say that these records are the only things that led to the eventually genre that spread in the ’70’s, these albums definitely exhibit early warning signs.  By entering the Way-Back Machine, and using an all-vinyl source to do it, I was hoping to create a case for this being some of the punk music of that particular decade.  Of course, to really follow this line of thinking to its most logical extent, I would need the albums compiled by the geniuses behind the Back From The Grave series of CD reissues.  However, I had to do the best I could with what I had.

This was the first part of two sequential Vinyl Solution shows, the send of which features Novelty Recordings.  You can find more information about this show in this post.  This was part of a larger concept, in that I wanted to feature a lot of the newer records I’ve scored in my various shopping adventures.  Since my purchases as of late have been vacillating between garage records and novelty recordings, I felt that two shorter shows may be the best way to accomplish this.  It only just so happened that I was able to weave a couple of nice audio essay into these two hours.  Special thanks to Miss Rikki of Closet Radio, Rita, and Cornelius for hanging out during this hour.  DJing records is a lot of work, and it was nice to have the company as I was trying to stay on task.

See ya in seven.


The Way-Back Machine

01.) I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes * The Blues Project
02.) The 2000 Pound Bee, Part 2 * The Ventures (played at the wrong speed)
03.) Boom Boom * The Animals
04.) Rock Me Baby * Blue Cheer
05.) Motor City Is Burning * MC5

06.) Move It * The Chantays
07.) Drivin’ Blues * Frijid Pink
08.) Blackout Of Gretely * Gonn
09.) Talk Talk * The Music Machine
10.) Success Story * The Who
11.) School’s Out * Alice Cooper

12.) The 2000 Pound Bee, Part 1 * The Ventures
13.) The Nile Song * Pink Floyd
14.) Tobacco Road * The Blues Magoos
15.) Psychotic Reaction * The Count Five

16.) Pipeline * The Chantays
17.) Rock And Roll * The Velvet Underground


There Was No Time Before Rocket 88

rocket-88-geoff-strehlowThere Was No Time Before Rocket 88

(Today’s program is supported by The Minnesota Public Cheese Sanitation Committee.)

Playlist & Footnotes:


Part I:

Rocket 88 * Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats * The Roots Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
The Coin Toss.
“I get PAID to do this?”
Money Money * Avengers * Avengers
Everything’s Arbitrary!
“Wait, I’m not that old!”
The Carbon Dating Game!
Mr. & Mrs. Nuclear * They Might Be Giants * McSweeney’s Music CD – Issue #6
This Is The Beginning! (No It’s Not!)
The All Semaphore Episode.
“Flags On The Brain.”
Gimme The Message * Neoboys * History of Portland Punk Vol. 1
“The Misses That Keep On Hitting.”
The Catch Phrase Disaster of ‘14
“I Should Have Been Coming Up With Catch Phrases The Whole Time, My God!”
You Were Wrong * Built To Spill * Keep It Like A Secret
“My Got, It’s Full of Stars.”
The Nicki Minaj Broadcast System
The Creep * Bob Luman * Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume Fifteen
Theoretical Track One Syndrome, Not Actual Track One Syndrome
#1 Hit Song * Minutemen * Double Nickels On The Dime
“Are we playing Mousetrap again?”
The Dropping Names Shtick from Four Weeks Ago.
A Really Bad Bit.
Beastly Bit * Pinhead Gunpowder * Jump Salty

Today’s Program Was Also Underwritten by:
Us Plus: Zeroes and Ones
Unconscious Village: Last Days Sale
Trippple Ripppoff

Special Thanks to The Firesign Theater for Commercial Transcription from their album, “Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death

Part II:

More beginnings.
“The Best of Intentions.”
School Is Hard
“Everything Is Still In The Future.”
Journey To The Center of The Mind * The Amboy Dukes * Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968
A Fresh Carton of Eggs.
Little Black Egg * The Marquis * McKenzie Studio – Columbus, OH.
“The Irony of Real Life.”
Thank You, And Good Night * Cathead * Live At The Monkeyhouse 15 April 1995
“Their Story Just Goes On.”
Life Ends * Buzz * Messthetics #103
Six Seasons & A Movie!
“The Incompleteness of Real Life.”
Boyhood Homework.
“We have so much in common. Oh, I saw that movie, now we don’t have anything in common.”
Growin’ Up American * The Colors * Killed By Death Vol. 20
Relationships end over Steely Dan.
Our dead cohost, Chet, erased from space and time.
Remember * Nomeansno * Mr. Right & Mr. Wrong
The Break-Up.
“My Excuse For Everything For Now Until The End Of Time.”
A Storage Locker Business Model (Failed)
Hugo’s Watching Everything.
Cutthroat Business * The Limit Club * This Is Cutthroat Business
Radio is Too Unfeasible.
Does our podcast pass the Turing Test?
Computer Dating * Theoretical Girls * Theoretical Record
Our Theoretical Podcasts’ Future Career.
The Future Is Already Written

Lost In Space!

lis_jupiter2_03Lost In Space!
(Featuring a journey through the stars, and on a rocket,  Originally broadcast on 16 October 2010 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

We’re blasting off into the stratosphere.



Lost In Space!

01.) * * Excerpts from The Day The Earth Stood Still (Throughout)
02.) Interstellar Overdrive * Pink Floyd * Piper At The Gates Of Dawn * Tower / Capital Records
03.) Spaceman * Harry Nilsson * Son of Schmilsson * RCA Records
04.) Mayonnaise vs. Venn * Rocketman * Demo CD * Unreleased

05.) Space Odyssey * 101 Strings Orchestra * Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000 * Scamp Records
06.) Galaxie 500 * Leave The Planet * On Fire * Rough Trade Records
07.) Rocket Machine * Opal * Happy Nightmare Baby * SST Records
08.) Rocket 88 * Jackie Brenston
09.) Rocketship * Dead Milkmen * Bucky Felini
10.) I’m This Rocket * The Gun Club
11.) Music To Watch Space Girls By * Leonard Nimoy

12.) Spacecraft, 1967 [Excerpt] * MEV
13.) A Glorious Dawn * Carl Sagan ft Stephen Hawking
14.) Interplanet Janet * Man… Or Astro-Man? * School House Rock! Rocks
15.) Vixens In Space * The Dirtbombs
16.) Between Planets * The Jesus And Mary Chain
17.) Rockin’ In Orbit * Jimmie Haskell And His Orchestra
18.) Space Age Couple * Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

19.) Space Monkeys * The Dust Brothers * The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Fight Club”
20.) Cosmic Serenade * King Khan And The Shrines * What Is?!
21.) Silver Rocket * Sonic Youth * Daydream Nation
22.) Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons * The Pixies * Trompe Le Monde * 4AD Records
23.) Planet * Ken Nordine
24.) Space Junk * Devo
25.) Interstellar Overdrive / Ming’s Theme * C Average

26.) Space II * The Butthole Surfers
27.) Lost In Space * Faction * Collection 1982 – 1985
28.) Voices In My Spacesuit * Last of the Juanitas * Hawaii
29.) Rocket To Nowhere * Webb Wilder
30.) Interstellar Hardrive * Man… Or Astro-Man?

31.) Spacelab [Excerpt] * Kraftwerk
32.) Space Prophet Dogon * Sun City Girls
33.) Space Lonliness * Sun Ra
34.) Starless [Excerpt] * Jandek * Interstellar Discussion * Corwood Industries Records
35.) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun * Pink Floyd

36.) Space Suit * They Might Be Giants

KPSU Playlist

Vinyl Solution

On Wax

On Wax

Vinyl Solution
(A show where I played only 12″ records.  Originally broadcast on 8 August 2009 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

Who doesn’t like sitting around, listening to a big stack of records? I know I do.

I had a lot of fun with this one, and hope it’s just as fun to listen to, too.

See ya in seven.


Vinyl Solution.

01.) On The Scene * The Tiki Tones
02.) Time Out For Fun * Devo
03.) Open Your Eyes * Lords Of The New Church
04.) Born In Xixax * Nina Hagen
05.) Rosemary * The Dickies
06.) Do The Brown Nose * The Dead Milkmen

07.) Experiment In Terror * Henry Mancini And His Orchestra
08.) She Cracked * The Modern Lovers
09.) Surrender * Cheap Trick
10.) Ruby Tuesday * The Rolling Stones
11.) Jump Into The Fire * Harry Nilsson

12.) Fallout! * Henry Mancini And His Orchestra
13.) You Were Right * Built To Spill
14.) Nothing Is True * The Jim Carroll Band
15.) The Peter Gunn Theme * Henry Mancini And His Orchestra
16.) Tugena * The Dead Milkmen